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They also turned on him for reuniting with Kazan and giving him some restored sense of legitimacy.

They thought he was heartless, but they might have changed their minds if they read this passage from Miller's autobiography Timebends. "As I was coming to the end of the writing of After the Fall, the horrifying news came that Marilyn had died, apparently of an overdose of sleeping pills.

"There are people so vivid in life they seem not to disappear when they die, and for many weeks I found myself having to come about and force myself to encounter the fact that Marilyn had ended.

"I realized that I still, even then, expected to meet her once more, somewhere, sometime and maybe talk sensibly about all the foolishness we'd been through--in which case I would probably have fallen in love with her again.

"And the iron logic of her death did not help much: I could still see her coming across the lawn, or touching something, or laughing, at the same time I confronted the end of her as one might stand watching the sinking sun.

"When a reporter called asking if I would be attending her funeral in California, the very idea of a burial was outlandish, and stunned as I was, I answered without thinking, `She won't be there.' "I could hear his astonishment, but I could only hang up." Arthur Miller's autobiography was published in 1987. One wonders what he must have thought if he read Kazan's autobiography which was published in 1988.

On page 455, there is this passage about Miller's ex-wife Marilyn.

She was getting into bed, and that woke me. All excited and very happy, she announced her engagement.

"I'm going to get married," she said. "I made up my mind tonight." "A hell of a time to tell me," I said. "It's 3:30 in the morning." "I wanted to tell you first," she said, "because now I'm not going to see you again.

"He comes all the way down from San Francisco just to have dinner with me." "Who are you talking about?" I said.

"Joe," she said. "He's not like those movie people. He's dignified." Then she went on about Joe DiMaggio and I could tell she really did like him. It was nice to see her so happy and hopeful.

We made love. Congratulations and farewell. "They named the names because they thought nobody would remember, and it turned out to be the one thing that nobody can forget."

"I didn't send it to you because I wanted you to direct it. I sent it to you because I wanted you to know what I thought about stool pigeons.

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