Second Suspect Caught in Kidnapping of Four; Victims Turned Up Safe In California


A second suspect was arrested in the brazen, daylight kidnapping last week of four family members in Phoenix, and the victims were released unharmed.

Yesterday, we told you how two kidnappers hijacked a car with four people last Wednesday morning on 35th Avenue. (All the victims were adults).

Cops arrested Cesar Angeles-Ballester on Saturday as he allegedly tried to pick up ransom money at a bank.

Soon after, police came to believe that Angeles-Ballester had committed the armed kidnapping with Fernando Beltran, 27. On Sunday, cops figured out where Beltran was and arrested him, too.

Beltran 'fessed up to entering the country illegally, kidnapping the victims at gunpoint and making the ransom-demand calls.

The four adult victims, who had been held for four days at a Phoenix house, called investigators on Sunday. They had been released earlier that day and drove to California, (which is what they'd been trying to do before being kidnapped).

What with Phoenix's reputation as the country's kidnapping capital and Arizona's new anti-illegal-immigrant law, we can't blame them for not sticking around.

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