Senate Vote on Race-Based Abortion Bill Set for Today

As state legislators continue to waste their time -- and infinitely more important, your tax dollars -- coming up with solutions to problems that don't actually exist, the Arizona state Senate will vote today on a bill that would make having an abortion based on race or gender a felony.

The bill would require women having an abortion to sign a document promising they aren't aborting the pregnancy based on sex, and another promising they aren't aborting their pregnancy based on race. Under the proposed law, anyone caught doing so could be slapped with a class-three felony.

However, as we've noted, there's no evidence to suggest that abortions being performed for either of those reasons is even a problem in Arizona.

"There is no indication that this is even an issue," Planned Parenthood Arizona spokeswoman Cynde Cerf told New Times last.

Rather, this is just a symbolic waste of time (and taxpayer money) that Cerf feels "is just to further damage the reputations of women who get an abortion."

"This bill is trying to create the impression that women and families have abortions based on race or sex," she continues.

The bill has already passed in the state House of Representatives. Senate approval would send the bill back to the House for modifications made in the Senate.

Check back for updates.

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James King
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