Serial False-Reporter Linda Ruiz-Rodriguez Called 9-1-1 129 Times Because She Wanted Some Attention

Poor Linda Ruiz-Rodriguez. All she wanted was a little attention, and now she's charged with multiple felonies.

Since January 1, 60-year-old Ruiz-Rodriguez has called 9-1-1 129 times to report various emergencies in her 36th Street Phoenix neighborhood. The problem, however, is that in none of those 129 instances was there an actual emergency.

Ruiz-Rodriguez, who suffers from a mental illness, according to court documents obtained by New Times, made the calls because she wanted some attention.

As sad/adorable as it sounds, it has been a real problem for Phoenix police and firefighters.

While many of the calls were reports about fights or shootings, one, in particular, Phoenix police are calling "particularly egregious."

On Monday, Ruiz-Rodriguez allegedly called 9-1-1 to report that her four-story apartment complex was on fire.

The Phoenix Fire Department responded with 12 trucks and additional Phoenix police were dispatched to the blaze. Of course, there was no fire --  just a little old lady looking for some attention.

In all, Ruiz-Rodriguez was booked on 30 felony counts of false reporting, and one misdemeanor count of false reporting.

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