Serial Flasher Nabbed by Scottsdale Police

Scottsdale police arrested a man who is admittedly responsible for a string of indecent-exposure cases that stretch back to December.

Police arrested 20-year-old Kiere Taylor yesterday on charges of public sexual indecency and disorderly conduct after witnesses identified him as the serial flasher.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, Taylor's first victim claims he approached her near 94th Street and Thunderbird and made some sexually suggestive comments.

Freaking chicks out with words apparently wasn't enough for Taylor because in the rest of his attacks -- all occurring in roughly the same area -- he whipped it out.

Police say, after exposing himself to his victims, Taylor would put it away and scamper off into the night.

On March 16, Taylor was seen as he "suspiciously" jumped over a fence and someone called police.

Police found him and jotted down his description, which, once analyzed, matched the suspect in the indecent-exposure cases.

On March 18, police put Taylor in a lineup, and victims identified him as the man who had exposed himself.

Taylor was arrested at his home near the 9500 block of East Thunderbird Road and taken to jail after he admitted his involvement to police.

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