Sheriff's Cover-up?

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Bates: "Did you hear any statements made by any detention officers like, 'Fuck this guy, who cares,' anything like that?"

Spidell: "No."
Bates: "Did you make a statement like that?"
Spidell: "Uh, when he was fighting, I, uh, I said, 'Maybe we should just kick his ass so he quits fighting.'"

Later, Lieutenant Gary Gregory told Spidell that Walsh had heard an officer say, "Who gives a fuck?"

Gregory: "Do you remember hearing that?"
Spidell: "No. The only way I may have heard, I don't know that, uh, not that he wouldn't have been breathing, but my concern was securing his arm. And I told her, 'Who gives a fuck,' or 'Who gives a shit,' or whatever I said, it was to get that arm secure. I didn't not care that he wasn't breathing. I would have merely meant that, that we were after the arm secure."

Gregory: "Okay, and I understand that part. So let me ask you, did you say something along that line?"

Spidell: "I may have. I honestly do not remember. . . ."
Bates then asked for clarification: If Spidell had barked at Walsh, why had he done so? Spidell answered that he was concerned Norberg might be faking his inability to breathe, and would attack them if they let up.

Instead, Norberg died while being held with his chin forced down to his chest.

There was still more news about the jails last Friday.
Richard Post, the paraplegic whose neck was broken during a single night in jail, told New Times he's finally been given a trial date (in April) and has set the level of damages he's seeking at $10 million.

Meanwhile, a new jail abuse lawsuit was filed Friday. Annette Romo claims that on April 20, 1997, jail guards were indifferent as she lost her fetus and bled for hours. She was eventually rushed to a hospital, where she was given five pints of blood. Later, she claims, she was assaulted by a guard.

Since January, Amnesty International has been requesting information on Romo's case from the sheriff's office and has received no response. The sheriff's office tells New Times that Romo's claims are "groundless." Romo is seeking $5 million.

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