Should Brenda Barton Publicly Apologize for Her Obama/Hitler Rants?

At least one group thinks Republican Representative Brenda Adolf Barton needs to apologize for her rants comparing President Obama to Hitler -- that group being the American Jewish Congress.

"Reasonable people may disagree about politics and policy, but the comparison of our current president to the leader of the Third Reich is beyond reason," the president of the organization's Phoenix chapter wrote to Barton. "It is historically inaccurate and deeply offensive."

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Barton tried to justify her comparison by saying Hitler did things like institute national healthcare and gun-control policies before the "other stuff" happened. (The "other stuff" presumably being overseeing the murders of millions of people.)

Barton appears to have a very strange (read: wrong) interpretation of the past and present.

"Not a single part of this regrettable statement is historically accurate," the letter states. "Hitler and the National Socialist Party did not bring about nationalized health care or gun control. (For that matter, our president has not done either of those, too.) And Hitler unlike our president was never elected by a majority vote."

In addition to dropping knowledge on Barton, the American Jewish Congress is asking that Barton apologize. Barton has not yet apologized, and has even tried to deny that she made the comparison.

Do you think Barton should apologize?

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