Sex crimes? Ahhhhhh, get outta here.
Sex crimes? Ahhhhhh, get outta here.

Should Everyone Forget About MCSO's Bungled Sex-Crime Cases Because It Was Uncovered a Few Years Ago?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants the local media to stop talking about the "FIVE YEAR OLD story" that involves the MCSO's bungled sex-crime investigations.

The Arpaio ad, as our colleague Ray Stern debunked yesterday, would like you to just forget about the whole sex-crime thing.

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Here's what the ad has to say about that sex-crimes thing being kind of old:

Some things you should consider about the recent story:

  • Why are they resurrecting a FIVE YEAR OLD story?
  • Why are they running this story just weeks before an election?
  • Why doesn't the media report on other police agencies' problems regarding sex crimes investigations? Many of them have had similar problems recently, but the media only focuses on the Sheriff's Department.

Can't the G.D. media just let it go? (No.)

As Stern pointed out yesterday, MCSO didn't magically fix all the cases five years ago, and as New Times readers may know, many of these cases are still ongoing.

So, should everyone just forget about those pesky sex crimes?

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