Should Jan Brewer and the Legislature Give Up on Trying to Ban Bath Salts and Spice?

More than a year after Governor Jan Brewer claimed she outlawed the sale and use of the substances known as "bath salts," and two years after she said the same of "spice," Brewer now takes credit for signing a bill that's supposed to "combat" bath salts and spice.

Brewer says this now because there never was legislation that actually banned bath salts and spice.

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As frequent readers of this blog would know, the so-called "bans" on the substances have been a total farce.

The Legislature has outlawed several dozen chemicals in the past that can be used to make bath salts and spice. That's a problem, since there are potentially thousands of chemicals that can be used to make bath salts and spice, and the Legislature ain't banning all of 'em.

Brewer, however, has taken credit for "outlaw[ing]" substances like spice.

Her press release upon the signing of this session's House BIll 2327 is a little tamer.

"Previous legislation combating this problem was frequently thwarted as underground chemists and drug-makers slightly modified the composition of their products in order to get around the law," the press release says. "With HB 2327, the basic chemical formulas themselves have been outlawed, regardless of any minor alteration."

The bill's sponsor, Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth, even told the House Judiciary Committee that this bill "will not stop the problem but it takes a big step in the right direction."

The committee also noted that both state and federal "analog" laws are the subject of pending lawsuits, and it can be argued that this is an "analog" law, too.

So, this morning's question is, after repeatedly failing to ban bath salts and spice for more than two years now, should Governor Brewer and the Legislature just give it up?

Cast your vote below:

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