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Simcox Molestation Trial Stayed by High Court Till April 29 Hearing

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Earlier this week, an Arizona Appeals Court panel acceded to a request from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and scheduled a hearing in the matter for April 29.

But the panel refused to halt the trial, conceding that it might be over by the time the hearing rolled around.

Jury selection began Tuesday in the case, and it seemed as if nothing would stop Simcox from grilling his alleged child victims in open court, till Phoenix attorney Jack Wilenchik filed an emergency petition with the state supreme court.

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Wilenchik represents Michelle Lynch, the mother of one of Simcox's accusers. In his filing, Wilenchik argued that Lynch's little girl could be testifying within a matter of days, if the high court did not intervene.

"If the court allows the child victim to be subject to cross-examination by her abuser," Wilenchik wrote, "then the victim's constitutional right [under the Arizona Constitution] to be free from harassment and intimidation will be permanently violated."

The supreme court need not decide whether Simcox himself should be allowed to perform the cross-examination of victims, argued Wilenchik.

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