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Howard Taylor, the SRC director, tells Leatherman that Punk Voter was moved solely for safety reasons.

He and other ASU officials offered to help find another venue on campus, but every other possible location was booked, including the ASU football practice field, which had already been reserved for a powwow that weekend.

But concert organizers suspect the event's largely anti-Bush slant was the key factor in being booted off campus. Even The Spike can't help but note that the GOP is picking up steam on the ASU campus as election season heats up. In fact, Republican students at ASU recently placed second in a nationwide contest to sign up the most Bush supporters. The drive went so well the student group is planning a "conservative week" later in the year.

While there is no evidence being presented to The Spike that ASU officials are anything other then simply uncomfortable with the thought of thousands of black-leather-clad, spiky purple haired kids getting loud and rowdy on campus, The Spike still thinks the political process -- and hopefully voter turnout -- will be better for the rhetoric.

"Whoever nixed the show did not want ASU to be a generous part of the surrounding community and just wanted to be a little factory to crank out more John McCains and Barry Goldwaters," Jello Biafra, ex-lead singer for the Dead Kennedys and emcee of the Punk Voter Tour, tells Leatherman. "That's not what this world needs right now if we're going to survive the damage of the Bush Ôgoodfellas' and the long-term consequences of global warming.

"Why is it such a safety concern that somebody on their campus might criticize the president? Aren't we fighting for that very right for people to criticize their leaders in Iraq?

"This is something I would expect from an old communist regime or Saddam Hussein more than an educational institution that's supposed to uphold the ideals of learning, exploring and having opinions, etc. I'm also very disappointed that it got moved to a place where the ticket price is absolutely outrageous."

The punks show now costs $25 (yow, talk about the price of freedom) and will be at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. PAB organizers have purchased 600 tickets they'll be handing out free before the show.

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