Michelle Berman once claimed her husband, Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman, punched and bit her during domestic disputes. She also claimed he threatened to kill her father.

Steve Berman, Gilbert Mayor, Squeaks Out of Charges in Domestic Violence Allegations

But relationships can be a funny thing. Following the disputes and a court order  to keep at least 150 feet away from his wife, the two were reportedly seen in October together at a town function.

Today, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced he would not prosecute the case. Michelle Berman had recanted her allegations, and some of the claims were beyond the time limit for a criminal charge.

Michelle, (pictured below), a former pill-popper, would certainly have made a less-than-credible witness. But we weren't suprised how this all turned out, considering the players involved.

One unusual thing here is the announcement of a non-prosecution, something almost never done. Typically, a criminal case presented by police is left in limbo at Thomas' office until the statute of limitations runs out or more evidence crops up.

An official name-clearing is just one of those perks of being mayor, it seems.

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