Steven Briones, Caught Without Pants and Stealing Milk, Says He's Been Going Without Pants for a Good Four Days

Steven Briones had the cops called on him Monday morning north of Lake Havasu, because he walked into a convenience store without pants.

Aside from questioning Briones about allegedly stealing a jug of milk, Mohave County Sheriff's deputies asked him about the whole not-wearing-pants thing. According to Briones, he had not been wearing pants for the last four days, since someone just ripped his trousers right off of him.

According to a brief from the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to a convenience store in the general area of Interstate 40 and Highway 95 around 2 a.m. Monday, because a dude just went into the store without pants.

The Sheriff's Office says the manager told deputies that the man who came in the store had the rest of his clothes -- a dark shirt and boots -- but no pants.

Deputies would discover it was Briones, a 47-year-old Golden Valley resident.

The manager said Briones took a bottle of milk, chugged it, then grabbed more milk, a bottle of soda, and a toiletry bag from the store and went into the bathroom.

Briones was still in the bathroom when deputies showed up, and the Sheriff's Office says Briones definitely was not wearing pants.

"Deputies questioned Briones regarding his pants," the Sheriff's Office brief says. "Briones advised that someone stole his pants when he wrecked his motorcycle four days ago."

The Sheriff's Office notes that Briones didn't have any injuries that would appear to have been caused by a motorcycle crash.

Briones also told deputies he'd already paid for the beverages he was chugging in the store, which the manager contended was not true.

Briones was booked on a theft charge.

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