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We're still waiting for Joe to cough up the records so we can report to the public the total amount of cash he has invested in property. MacPherson told KTAR listeners that she doesn't think the media has any right to these records.

"These aren't things that are bought by county money," she told Leibowitz. "This is personal, personal money."

The last time I logged on to the County Recorder's Web site, my personal property records, liens, first and second mortgages, and affidavits of value were readily available for all to see. These were all purchased with my "personal" money.

Why shouldn't Old Man Joe be in the same glass house as the rest of us?

Unless, of course, he's got something to hide, and I don't mean just his home address -- which is 12808 North Via Del Sol, Fountain Hills.

E-mail [email protected], or call 602-229-8445.

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