Style Watch: Arizona Tattoo Expo

By: Aja Viafora:

May, a local tattoo artist herself, showed off her unique style at the AZ Tattoo Expo on Sat., April 5. For this ensemble she shopped at her friend's store Only the Lonely who set up a tent at the event.

The shirts you will find there though look nothing like May's outfit. The brand usually only makes guys' t-shirts. May got creative with a pair of scissors by slicing off the sleeves, cutting off the bottom to create a new hem and cutting slits in the front to create a sexy peek-a-boo neckline. Voila! A manly T-shirt has transformed into an ultra-hip feminine expression. Looks like they need to hire on this tattoo diva as a fashion designer.

The mob of tattoo and piercing fans all had a rebellious feel to their attire. Nothing conventional was spotted. The true Hot Topic fans loomed around in a mob of piercings, red, black and white clothing, plugs, bandanas and apparently essential silver-studded black leather belt. Most people wore tank tops to show off their ink underneath and some ladies forgot to put on a shirt at all over their bras. No one seemed top mind.

Even the children had an alternative edge to their developing look. Baby Mohawks and ripped attire covered their little bodies.

Eye makeup was also a key element to the Tattoo Fest’s fashion display. Ladies lathered on the colored eye makeup in shades of fuchsia, orange, purple and black. Even some men wore black eyeliner to capture a stare. Corsets were also a popular clothing item some people even had lace up back piercings. Really, who needs clothing at that point? Attendees of the festival said they shopped and styled at (Hot Topic of course), but also Lithium, Cosmic Creations, Only the Lonely, No Fear, online and at goodwill. In fact, thrift stores seemed to be a common response when asked where people came up with such creative outfits. Nothing like turning rags to rich fashion.

Fashion Trend: thick black glasses. Whether you needed them or not, you were nobody without a pair of thick rimmed, black glasses on your face at the Tattoo Expo. It added an emo look to the hard edged tattoo fans fashion. Dads, sons and friends were all spotted wearing matching glasses.

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Jonathan McNamara