Sunday Service at Obama-Hater Pastor Steve Anderson’s Tempe Church, and Details of Inmate Marcia Powell’s Autopsy

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"Sometimes I take it," he mumbled. "Sometimes I take it on my motorcycle."

Um, thanks for the non sequitur, Chris. And this guy's allowed to have weapons? Wow.

We then got down to brass bullets, and he affirmed that he'd like to see President Obama deader than a doorknob.

"It would be good for the country if he were to go sooner than later," said Broughton, no doubt making his ma really proud.

Even if someone kills him, I wondered?

"However it happens, I'm going be happy that it happens," he boasted. "I'm gonna be a happy man . . . I would rejoice."

Broughton then removed all doubt that he's an idiot by asserting ye ole Adolf Hitler comparison, a sign you have no argument and zero originality. He asked me whether it would have been better had someone taken out Hitler, suggesting it would be cool if Obama got similar treatment.

I pointed out that this was incorrect. We don't live in Nazi Germany — or anything near it, and if we did, folks like Broughton showing up with loaded weapons to oppose such rallies would likely be imprisoned, tortured, and executed.

So, see, Chris, it's a dumb comparison. Simplistic. Moronic. Asinine.

(Sigh.) But of course Broughton isn't the only one peddling this poppycock, and that's why it's disturbing when a delusional young man such as Broughton, with a clear hatred for the president, shows up with a loaded AR-15 to the site where the president is speaking.

For the record, Broughton insisted that he wasn't threatening the president, and that he wouldn't be pulling the trigger. But he did offer up the shibboleth that Obama's guilty of countless murders.

"A lot of people want to call a murderer [by] a different name," he said. "That's fine if they want to call killing another human being something else. But killing a human being, an innocent human being, is murder."

Not that Obama's performed any abortions himself, of course. He just supports a woman's right to choose. And on planet Earth, in America, year 2009, abortions performed in the early stages of pregnancy are legal. Ask the U.S. Supreme Court, bubbee. Just wanting Obama to be guilty of murder doesn't make it so.

Broughton mentioned that things like slavery have been deemed legal in our nation's past, though they were still morally wrong. True, but those who were enslaved were living human beings, not masses of cells that might one day turn into human beings that can survive outside the womb.

I mean, we can disagree on abortion, but once again, this is another false analogy.

For the gals reading out there, keep in mind that, according to the New York-based Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for sexual and reproductive health, that "nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion."

So, imagine a world governed by the theology of American Taliban-types like Broughton and Anderson. Simply put, there would be a whole lot of women's heads on the chopping block if now-legal abortions were to be treated as murders. Ditto for the doctors involved, as well as the nurses, the people who manage the hospitals, etc.

Anderson emerged from the church with his family, and I cut short the confab with Chris to parlez with the pastor. He spoke to me while holding one of his kids in his arms, and though I still think he's a certifiable loon, he's an affable one, and far less defensive than Broughton. I complimented him on what I found to be an apolitical sermon.

"Most of my sermons are," he squawked. "I preach 156 sermons a year."

I asked him about an ex-Secret Service agent talking on CNN's Rick Sanchez show about how Anderson was walking a thin line with the law, and that he might be perceived as exhorting others to violence. Another analyst on the same show claimed the U.S. Secret Service had already visited Anderson. Anderson said that was not the case. At least not yet.

"Anyone who listens to that whole sermon will hear that I very clearly said, 'Hey, we shouldn't take the law into our own hands; we're not a vigilante [group],'" he claimed, adding, "'This is what justice is, but it's not our job to wrestle against flesh and blood. It's a spiritual battle.' And I made that very, very clear . . . That's why they haven't knocked on my door"

Anderson claimed he wasn't backpedaling a bit on his freaky fatwa, but that's exactly the way it sounded to me.

"I even said, clearly to many people, 'I hope he dies of natural causes, 'cause then he won't be a martyr, ya know? And what good is that?'" explained Anderson. "Stop and think about it: If someone were to kill Obama, okay, then we have [Vice President Joe] Biden, and whatever. It's not going to be any different.

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