Surprise Man, 71, Not a Fan of Clothes. Shows Privates to Two Young Girls

The man pictured is 71-year-old Thomas Harrell, and he doesn't like wearing clothes, which proved to be a problem when two young girls walked by the garage of his Surprise home Saturday night.

According to police, the girls, ages 12 and 13, walked by about 8 p.m., and there he was -- naked from the waste down -- privates fully exposed.

Harrell, the girls later told police, looked directly at them before displaying his aforementioned junk.

The girls ran home and told their parents, who called the cops.

This isn't the first time police have been called about Harrell's wardrobe decisions. Court records show that police were called to Harrell's home in the past after he was spotted wearing nothing but a bathrobe at a bus stop near Waddell Road and Sarival Avenue.

Harrell told cops he doesn't like wearing clothes because they're uncomfortable. He says he prefers to wear only a robe with nothing underneath.

Harrell was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on two counts of indecent exposure. Because the girls were so young, the charges are felonies.

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