Taylor Basilio Pleads Guilty in Case of Fractures to Skull of 7-Week-Old Son, Other Injuries

Phoenix resident Taylor Basilio told police in December 2011 that he'd done some "stupid things" in recent days, which apparently led to his 7-week-old baby's several rib fractures, a broken clavicle, fractures to both legs, and two skull fractures.

Basilio's now pleaded guilty to two child-abuse charges in the case.

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According to court records previously obtained by New Times, Basilio and his wife, Candace, brought the baby to a doctor to get him a flu shot. The doctor had the boy hospitalized for being underweight, and as he was treated, X-rays were done.

The injuries, like the broken bones, were in various stages of healing.

Police spoke with Candace, who said she didn't want her husband to go to jail -- but she didn't elaborate on why she thought that he'd be going to jail.

Taylor Basilio didn't get straight to the point, but before police asked him any questions, he mentioned that his son didn't fall off a bed. Then he changed his story, and said he didn't know if his son fell off a bed.

Basilio told police he has a bit of a temper, and that he's "done some stupid things lately."

He explained that these "stupid things" included shaking the baby on several occasions, and pulling on his arms, but denied pulling on his legs, according to the documents.

As Basilio carried on to police, his wife told him in sign language -- as they're both deaf -- not to tell police what he had done.

In a later interview, Candace, admitted to police that she had hurt the child too, according to the documents, landing both of them in jail on child-abuse charges.

Court records show Candace's case is still open.

Taylor Basilio pleaded guilty to charges of child abuse and attempted child abuse, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 7.

James King contributed to this post.

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