Tempe and Scottsdale Named Among Top 100 Places to Live

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To give you an idea of which cities topped this list, Palo Alto, California was first, Boulder, Colorado was second, and Berkley, California is third.

Immediately, we're skeptical, since we'd guess that more people would rather live in Scottsdale than Tempe.

The website scored each city on eight categories, including things like healthcare, in which Tempe scored a 61, and Scottsdale scored a 49. Never mind that the Mayo Clinic is in Scottsdale.

Understandably, Scottsdale didn't do so well on the "demographics" category, which takes diversity into account.

Tempe probably gets an edge due to Arizona State University. It also got a relatively high score on "infrastructure," likely due to its light rail hookup and proximity to the Sky Harbor airport, among other things.

You can click here to check out all the rankings.

An explanation of the methodology can be found on the next page.

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