Tent City Beating is Nearly Fatal

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As to Campbell's assertion--that the majority of Flanders' injuries were caused when his friend dropped him--Van Norman says: "If you saw what he looked like, you'd realize that a drop on the head couldn't have done that. His head was swelled up three times its normal size, there was a gash that took 14 or 15 stitches to close up, and he was in a coma."

The Flanderses have been told that their son's recovery is going well. But on Monday, May 20, when Judy Flanders saw her son in Madison Street Jail, she was shocked by how he looked ten days after the attack: "Jeremy's head looked different. It looks terrible; it looks like it has a dent. He has blurred, double vision. . . . I'm really concerned with his head. They've beaten him not only nearly to death, they've beaten the spark out of him."

Judy Flanders says she understands that the public wants someone like her son to pay for committing crimes.

"What we're against," she says, "is security being so bad in the tents. These boys shouldn't pay with their lives.

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