Terry Goddard Won't Join Healthcare Lawsuits, but Takes No Stance on Healthcare; Coulda Called That One

Keeping with tradition, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard made an announcement about the federal healthcare bill that was signed into law yesterday but failed to take a stance on the bill itself.

(Pssst! Hey, Terry, when you want to be governor sometimes you have to pick a side.)

Goddard announced today that his office will not follow the lead of attorney generals in 14 states, who are filing lawsuits to try and repeal the healthcare bill.

Goddard's reason for not going along with the suits isn't philosophical -- it has more to do with the plausibility of winning the case. 

"My Office has carefully examined both the federal health care legislation and the lawsuits challenging it. Our lawyers agree with the overwhelming majority of constitutional scholars of both parties that...participating in [the lawsuits] would be a waste of scarce taxpayer dollars," Goddard says in a press release. "These lawsuits will be considered in federal court with or without Arizona's participation."

We appreciate the AG's concern for taxpayer dollars, but throw us a bone -- tell us what you think of the bill. You're running for governor!

In January, we thought we saw an inkling of balls from the AG when he strayed from the Democratic Party and wrote a letter to Arizona's Congressional delegation urging them not to support the bill because of the now infamous "Cornhusker Kickback."

Even then, Goddard seemed gung-ho on not choosing a side in the broader debate over healthcare. He never said he didn't like the bill; he just said he didn't like the kickback.

We called Goddard's press secretary, Molly Edwards, to try to squeeze Goddard's position (if he has one) our of her, but she didn't get back to us. 

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