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"The Dirty's" Nik Richie Boasts of Scoops We Missed in Top 10 List, Says Big Story in Works

We can finally say we've been featured in "The Dirty."

And we're not even embarrassed.

Nik Richie, the gossip site's operator, gave New Times a shout-out Tuesday for our walk down memory lane of some of his best news scoops, mentioned a few we missed, and announced he's working on a big story next week that could take down a TV show.

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Richie won't give up just yet which show will be the target of his upcoming scoop, but suggested on Twitter it will cause the cancellation of "a recurring TV show on a major network." He elaborates a bit more on Instagram, saying the effect will be "similar to when I got E! Network to cancel Pretty Wild."

We can't wait. Especially if it involves more topless Playboy models ripping bong hits.

On that same subject, the scandalous Pretty Wild post about Tess Taylor is one of the three past posts from The Dirty that Richie suggests should be on any A-list of his site's biggest news-breakers.

So, to round out Tuesday's Top 10 list, here are Richie's three bonus scoops (with photos, natch):

Tess Taylor was one of the stars of a one-season, 2010 reality show on E! called "Pretty Wild," which we never saw but hear was pretty awful. She's also featured on the Playboy website as one of its "cybergirls."

"Her tattoos, Monroe piercing and natural DD breasts make her a real It Girl," says the venerable nudie mag.

You know what else makes her a "real" girl? Standing in a messy house, looking bedraggled in nothing but black pantyhose, and taking a hit off a giant glass bong. Click here to see the full Tess Taylor pictures on Richie's site.

After those and other pictures of Taylor appeared on The Dirty, Pretty Wild advertiser eHarmony pulled out of the show, which didn't appear for a second season, (more likely because it sucked than Taylor's indiscretion).

Aging wrestling star Hulk Hogan told the news media that a tape that had surfaced of him having sex with a young woman had been made during a four-month booze-and-sex fest, and that it had been made without his consent. The Dirty published various screen shots from the tape, (click here to see one of the Hogan posts). But if you follow the links at the bottom of the aforementioned post, you'll see that they don't bring up articles. Apparently, The Dirty took them down. Hard to blame him -- we wouldn't want Hulk Hogan after our hide, either.

You probably haven't been to a party featuring naked teenage girls with the Donald at his Trump Vodka lounge. But you can see what one such party was like, courtesy of a Dirty reader. We doubt Trump was very troubled about pictures published on the site depicting a naked teen who hadn't yet turned 18. However, he did try to distance himself from the mini-scandal by having a PR rep claim that the girl had crashed the party -- and just happened to end up wearing body paint and serving vodka like the other girls who had been hired for the night.

Click here for the 2008 Trump Vodka teen story.

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