The Feds Proved Themselves a Cage of Cowardly Lions in the Arpaio Investigation

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Not cleared. Not innocent. Just un-indicted.

Worse even than the feds showing themselves to be gutless is the colossal present they've given Arpaio two months before the election.

Did I honestly expect them to perp-walk Arpaio, Thomas, Hendershott and all of the rest of these KGB-wanna-bes?

I had fun fantasizing about that, but no. I'm far too cynical to think that law enforcement will go after law enforcement as it should, when necessary.

But the least the Obama administration could have done is wait until after the election to throw Arpaio this big, wet kiss. After all, the feds sat on their hands for four years! Would it have killed them to wait two more months, to have given Democrat Paul Penzone a better shot at ousting this tyrant?

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