The Magic Pus

The text of the radio spot "Pus."
Guy (junior high): I found it by smell: a half-eaten bird, buried under my bed behind a dirty pair of underwear. The cat must've dumped it there at least a month ago 'cause it had started to rot. There were bloody pieces hangin' off it and a chewed-out hole where the guts had been. I jiggled the head a little and a pile of ants crawled out. Then I saw the eye. It had been ripped up and scabbed over. It was oozing. So I thought, if I squeeze it, what will come out? So I sorta touched it and it was all soft and clammy, and yellow pus started leaking out around the edges of the scab. It smelled like puke, and as it ran down, the scab started to rip and my mouth dropped open and just then the scab burst and pus shot into my mouth. . . . It kinda reminds me of that one time I tried chew.

Girl: Tobacco. Tumor causing, teeth staining, smelly, puking habit.

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