The Trial

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Nice job, Judge Aceto. You really stuck it to the wife and kids.

"They're devastated," Elaine Cozzolino told me on Wednesday. "They just want a normal home life. And these guys have taken that from them."

Then the door slammed and the dust fell and Cozzolino was shipped off to maximum security at Joe's Madison Street Jail, the place where so many of Joe's inmates have gotten their asses kicked by guards and inmates for being far less mouthy than Jim Cozzolino.

Last Wednesday, I received a one-page note from Cozzolino. It was good to hear he was still alive. You just never know. He said he was being moved from maximum to the tents, which are pleasant this time of year if somebody's not shanking you.

"Well, there we have it," he wrote. "Fucked at last."

Ah, that casual, ironic tone of a man at peace with the inevitability of injustice in Maricopa County. I hope his son can pick up that tone quickly enough. Because if he keeps slamming doors at injustice, he's very likely to find himself framed like dear old dad.

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Robert Nelson