There's Actually a "World Elder Abuse Day" -- and AG Tom Horne is a Big Fan

"World Elder Abuse Day" actually exists, but the title is  misleading -- it's not a day to beat up old people, it's a day to raise awareness of people who beat up old people.

Wednesday is the official day not to abuse old folks, and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is scheduled to kick off the occasion at an open house at North Phoenix Baptist Church.

"Elder abuse is particularly offensive. It affects some of the most vulnerable members of society," Horne says. "More than 3 million seniors in the U.S. experience some type of abuse every year. Unfortunately only one of six cases of elder abuse crimes comes to the attention of

Horne apparently has set up a task force to help stop the senseless beatings of old people and deems it a great way to get the crucial geriatric vote in any upcoming election "vital part of the Attorney General's Office."

Old-people abuse, Horne says, can include neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, and abandonment. Much of the abuse, he says, goes unreported.

If you're interested in learning more about abused old people, the open house is scheduled for 8:30 AM-Noon at North Phoenix Baptist Church, 5757 North Central Avenue in Phoenix.

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