They're Heeere; Tea Partiers Invade Phoenix

If you're feeling a vibe in Phoenix today that's dramatically crazier more Conservative than usual, there's a reason: the Tea Partiers have arrived.

Thousands of Tea Partiers are flocking to Phoenix today for the first ever "American Policy Summit."

Sarah Palin, as we noted last week, will not be in attendance (she's attending a "snowmachine" race. Not kidding). However, there will be no shortage of far-right-wingers in the Valley for the three-day conference.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will deliver the conference's keynote speech, and other presidential hopefuls slated to speak at the conference include Congressman Ron Paul, and Georgia businessman Herman Cain.

And of course, no party would be a Tea Party without some local lunatics -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and former Congressman John Shadegg, will also be speaking.

According to the group, "The American Policy Summit will offer policy briefings and discussions that will hit key Tea Party themes. They will be organized around the group's core values and its 'Five Pathways to Liberty': education, politics, judicial, economics and culture."

The group's national coordinator, Mark Meckler, says "Tea Party Patriots values won the day

in November, and we are now taking steps to make sure that these values are reflected in public policy."

The Arizona Republic predicts about 2,000 Tea Partiers will attend the event, which is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Allow us to translate the Republic's prediction: do yourself a favor and stay away from the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend.

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