This Week: The Sword, Sweeney Todd and Cat Power

The Sword is playing at Brickhouse on Wednesday.

By Jonathan McNamara

Happy Tuesday. What are you up to tonight? Laundry? Prime-time television?

Forget it.

There's no law (so far) that says weekdays don't deserve a dose of fun as well. Get out there! If you need a little direction, here are my top picks for middle of the week events:

Tuesday If you haven't already bought your tickets for Jay-Z's show at U.S. Airways Center, you're likely to miss him this time around. As an alternative, why not check out some theater in the form of the opening of Sweeney Todd at Gammage Auditorium. How can you go wrong with a homicidal barber?

Wednesday Hump day brings us The Sword playing at Brickhouse. To hear Tim Grierson write about this Austin-based Metal band it sounds as though they're mounting a full attempt to bring Metal back to the musical forefront.

Thursday Cat Power at Marquee Theater is probably your best bet. The singer is known for pullng cover songs out of the blue during her live performances, so you can never be too sure what will happen.

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