Tiger Woods' Arizona Family Vacation Apparently Wasn't Enough to Patch Up His Marriage

A little sunshine and some cacti wasn't enough to patch things up between sex star Tiger Woods and his wife. Reports claim that after a week in Arizona, Tiger's wife, Elin, won't be moving back in to the couple's Florida home.

As was feverishly reported by local media, after his very public mea culpa, Tiger, Elin, and their children boarded a plane that gossip rags reported landed in Scottsdale.

Reports now say that Elin and the couple's kids are back in Florida, but Tiger remains in Arizona.

There is speculation that Tiger is here to attend the Meadows sex-addiction rehab center in Wickenburg in the second phase of kicking his poon addiction.

It should be noted that there have been no reported Tiger sightings in the Valley over the course of the week the gossip rags placed him in the state, although we did see a guy who looked kind of like him driving a rusty, old Honda Civic in Tempe on Saturday afternoon, so for all intents and purposes, we're, um, confident he's actually here.

Despite the family's time together in Arizona, Radaronline.com cites anonymous sources who say it wasn't the marriage cure that Tiger had hoped for.

"She's put the divorce on hold, but she's not caving in and doing everything he wants," the source says. "It looks like they will stay married -- but I don't know what kind of marriage it's going to be."

The source also claims that while Tiger is begging Elin to move back in with him, the Swedish bombshell is refusing -- for now.

"She's still saying no," the source says. "And it's impossible to know if or when she'll change her answer."

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