Tiger Woods Schedules Press Conference During Tucson Accenture Tournament; Seems Like Somebody's a Little Bitter

At last he speaks! Or plans to, anyway.

Tiger Woods, golf's most notorious horn-dog, has scheduled a limited press conference for Friday, which also happens to be the second day of the Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson.

The timing of the much-awaited press conference wouldn't be much of an issue if the company hosting the event, Accenture, hadn't dropped Tiger from a fairly lucrative sponsorship deal after it became known that he was hittin' more than just the links while on tour with the PGA.

The PGA announced this morning that Tiger will speak to a limited group of reporters from the clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass in Florida at 11 a.m. on Friday.

It's not exactly a press conference, though. We're actually not sure what it is. From the PGA's description of the event, Tiger's basically planning on sitting in a room with a few of his friends and some reporters and having a leisurely discussion.

Not exactly the sobbing apology to Barbara Walters that some people were expecting.

Tiger's not letting just any schlub with a tape-recorder into the room, either.

Tiger will allow writers from three different wire services in with him and his buddies, as well as a select pool of golf writers and one pool camera that will feed live to reporters at a hotel near the golf course.

We have a feeling the editorial staff of the National Enquirer, who broke the story of Tiger's legendary libido,  won't be getting an invite.

As for Accenture: who the hell is going to watch a golf tournament that neither Tiger Woods nor Phil Mickelson is playing in, as Tiger is hosting a quasi-press conference to talk about a sex scandal. We have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Tiger's chat on Sportscenter this weekend than we'll see of the tournament, too.

We can't say for sure whether Tiger's scheduling a press conference smack-dab in the middle of the Accenture tournament was an attempt to keep the tournament's ratings down in a clever attempt at revenge. But Tiger hasn't spoken to the media in more than three months; he couldn't wait until Monday?

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