Tom Horne Not Budging on Tuition for DREAMers

Attorney General Tom Horne does not seem the least bit interested in dropping his lawsuit against the Maricopa County community colleges, in Horne's bid to keep DREAMers from getting in-state tuition rates.

Horne agreed to meet with a dozen activists at his office yesterday, and after he refused to budge, the activists were asked to leave, and one was arrested.

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These same DREAMers -- young people who were brought to this country illegally when they were young -- who have been granted deferred action by the Obama administration, have also been prevented from getting driver's licenses, thanks to an executive order Governor Jan Brewer. Several other states are allowing these DREAMers the ability to get a license or pay in-state tuition.

Ten members of Citizens for a Better Arizona (the people behind the successful Russell Pearce recall and attempted Arpaio recall) were arrested protesting at Horne's office last week, but Horne agreed to meet with them yesterday.

After a couple minutes, it was fairly clear that Horne wasn't really open to the idea of dropping the lawsuit. He claimed he was "just enforcing the law" -- a tired excuse around here, often used by the elderly county sheriff -- although there's nothing forcing him to pursue the issue and keep the lawsuit.

DREAMers and educators pleaded with Horne, to no avail.

Molly Duran, of Citizens for a Better Arizona, told Horne that he was "cheating the students" with this lawsuit.

Another member asked how anyone's supposed to trust Horne to enforce the laws given the multiple times he's skirted the law.

Eventually, protesters unrolled a poster that said Horne cheated the students, cheated on his wife, cheated the voters, and cheated the law.

Horne was about done at that point, and the protesters were told to leave. Carolyn Cooper, a CBA member, was arrested for refusing to leave.

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