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Tom Horne's Alleged Mistress Carmen Chenal Resigns Post as Assistant Attorney General

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Do I smell a political favor? (See note below.) Well, contacts are everything. And Wilenchik has a record of helping pals, like when he employed Andy Thomas at his firm while Thomas ran for Maricopa County Attorney.

Ah, the memories.

As you can see from my correspondence below with Grisham, the AG's Office contends that Chenal's done stellar work on behalf of the public.

Sadly, that does not matter much, though if she did her job well, bully for her. Still, it's how and why she got the position with the AG that's a problem.

Horne hired her (at a salary that grew to $108,000), even though, it was widely assumed by campaign staff and employees at the Arizona Department of Education -- where Horne was Superintendent before he became AG -- that Horne and Chenal were an item.

See, Chenal got a job at DOE, also with Horne's assistance. and Horne helped her get reinstated to the State Bar of Arizona.

Ultimately, Chenal was at the center of a scandal that led to an FBI investigation of Horne's office, an investigation brought on by Horne himself. After I wrote about Chenal in 2011, Horne ordered an internal probe into any dime-droppers that might be feeding me info on Chenal.

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