Top 10 Arizona-Themed Halloween Costumes, Part Two

With Halloween just a couple weeks away, we have more Arizona-themed costume ideas for you.

We told you our first 10 choices for Arizona Halloween costumes last week, so here's part two, including our next 10 favorites:

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10.) Go Daddy Girl

We ain't talking about Danica.

-It's an easy costume that only requires two things:
-Extra-small Go Daddy shirt

9.) Coyote

Remember, both definitions are relevant in Arizona.

-One option is to dress up like the dog-like thing
-The other option is to rent a big van and charge complete strangers to drive them over the border

8.) John McCain

A costume that's been relevant for 30 years now.

-Masks should be on clearance
-People may confuse you for a zombie

7.) A former Arizona Cardinals quarterback

Finally, a way to use that embarrassing jersey you dropped so much money on.

-Options include John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer, Derek Anderson, and Max Hall
-You can also hit that gap between Jake Plummer and Kurt Warner, which would be Matt Leinart, Josh McCown, Shaun King, John Navarre, and Jeff Blake

6.) Racist

An Arizona staple.

-This could be as simple as puttin' on a Border Patrol hat and talking down about them there Messicans
-Going as Minuteman/alleged child molester Chris Simcox is always an option
-Go really dark as neo-Nazi baby-killer J.T. Ready

5.) Cartel boss

Be the guy who profits on Arizona's drug trade.

-This probably includes snakeskin boots and a belt-buckle no less than three inches high or wide
-Bring some friends to be marijuana backpackers
-Use a severed head and brick of cocaine-like substance as accessories

4.) Jodi Arias

Not the hot one. The courtroom creeper one.

-Don't actually murder your significant other
-Jailhouse stripes optional

3.) Cactus victim

Looks like someone lost a fight with a cactus.

-Easiest method: Find a mask of Pinhead from Hellraiser
-For an authentic look, just scrub yourself with a jumping cholla

2.) Star of COPS domestic-violence scene

Because some of the best COPS moments come from trailer parks on the outskirts of Phoenix.

-Jorts, wife-beater shirt
-Bud light
-Teeth optional

1.) Scorpion

Jan Brewer will eat you for breakfast.

-Expect to be smacked with shoes the entire night
-Others may try to kick you or set you on fire

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