Top 10 Killer Bee Attacks in Arizona

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4. Think you're tough as a hog? What was described as a "black cloud" of bees blitzed a farm in Bisbee in September of 2011, stinging man and beasts. The bees killed a 1,000-pound hog and put an 800-pound hog in a coma. Paltry humans, clearly, don't stand a chance against this sort of threat. Experts say your best defense is to run away as fast as you can. Pull your shirt over your face to avoid stings in the eyes and mouth. It's possible the bees may follow you for up to a quarter-mile. If you try to escape them by jumping in water, they will sometimes wait for you to come up for air.

3. Danger lurks just walking down the street. In March of 2010, three people were attacked while walking on the sidewalk near Third Avenue and Bell Road. Two people were hospitalized in critical condition. Witnesses told reporters that two of the female victims appeared to have their faces covered with bees.

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