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Top Ten Arizona Political Ads of 2012 (So Far)

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9) Sheriff Joe Is Kidnapped! Amazing that Arpaio could run an ad like this with some shibboleth about him being kidnapped, and our local media (save for yours truly) completely ignores it. Next Joe will tell us he plays ninja on the Light Rail, and Sand Land journos will just nod their heads.

8) Joe Hugs a Meth-Head: Before the family of diabetic mom Deborah Braillard scored a $3.2 million settlement for her wrongful death and the family of U.S. Army Vet Marty Atencio filed a lawsuit for his beat-down demise in Joe's gulags, Arpaio releases this ad of him snuggling up to an ex-inmate. Chutzpah on steroids, people.

7) "I can get elected on pink underwear." Yep, he's done it five times, and he's real proud of it, too, even though his agency fails in its basic duties, like investigating rape, murder, and child molestation.

This ad from the independent expenditure group Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement effectively uses Joe's words against him. We'll have to wait till November 6, to see if people bought Joe's smelly, pink boxers for another four years.

6) "Sheriff Arpaio, why didn't you do something?" So asks a woman portraying one of the victims of the hundreds of sex crimes that Arpaio dropped the ball on.

Local musician Devin Fleenor, the guy behind the wildly-popular People Against Sheriff Arpaio Facebook page, is responsible for this ad and with the help of CPL, was able to get it on TV. Hopefully, the voters will act accordingly.

5) "If there were any victims..." Another CPL ad slapping Joe upside the head with his own insincere "apology" to the victims of the sex crime cases his detectives bungled. Word is CPL has been raising money hand over fist. Perhaps we'll be seeing more of this ad in the days remaining.

4) Wil Cardon, Busted: Who knew Wil Cardon, uber-Russell Pearce supporter and illegal immigrant basher was part of the "cheap labor crowd"? Score a big fat one for Congressman Flake in this attack ad, which went to the heart of Cardon's pie-faced hypocrisy.

What a goober Wee Willy is, and not much of a businessman, despite all of those illegal immigrant-employing Subway shops. Cardon spent millions of his own cash, and Flake still buried him in the GOP primary. Afterward, Cardon called the wasted millions "an investment." A few more investments like that, and we might see this idgit at a local Interstate exit, begging for change.

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