Topless Women Will Be Walking Around Phoenix This Weekend

Click here for the "Go Topless Day" Phoenix slideshow.

Topless women will be walking around downtown Phoenix on Sunday as part of what's being billed as a protest against gender inequality.

"Go Topless Day" apparently exists on an international level, in an effort to make laws about showing woman-boobs and man-boobs the same.

If guys can walk down the street "topless," then Phoenix "Go Topless Day" organizer Jenna Duffy tells New Times women should be able to do it too.

Either that, or dudes have to cover up all the time when they're in public, she says.

"Breasts are such an object of sex and desire," Duffy says. "And were saying, 'Hey, they're just breasts.'"

Indeed. There are rules to participating in the event, since the whole purpose to the event is that women in many places can not walk around topless.

Duffy explains that women have to wear tape covering their entire nipples -- areola included -- to keep things legal during the stroll around Phoenix. Men are encouraged to participate too, and should either tape up their nipples or wear bikini tops. If you'd rather keep everything clothed, that's cool too.

When asked why walking around topless was the chosen method of protest, Duffy explained that it's "just one of those small things that contributes toward equality."

The legality of female breast-showing varies across the United States -- ladies can go full-breast in New York City! -- and Phoenix police Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times the local protest will be legal as long as the ladies keep their nipples and areolas completely covered.

Duffy says she has about 10 women and 10 men lined up so far for the protest -- approximately 40 breasts -- for this weekend's stroll.

If you're into that kind of thing, it starts at 10 a.m. Sunday at Steele Indian School Park, and will continue down Central Avenue.

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