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Trent Franks on Blast by Pro-Choice Activists Over His Anti-Abortion Bill

Carrying signs depicting U.S. Representative Trent Franks of Arizona's Second Congressional District as a hot dog with the slogan, "Congressman Franks, Don't Be a Wiener," around 25 protesters rallied on the sidewalk before Franks' Glendale office this morning to oppose an anti-abortion measure proposed by the West Valley Republican.

Franks' legislation, H.R. 3803, would ban all abortions from the 20th week of pregnancy in the District of Columbia. A doctor performing such an abortion could be imprisoned for up to two years, if convicted under the proposed law.

The U.S. Congress holds complete legislative authority over the District, you see. That's why the protest was lead by James Jones, a member of the District-based group DC Vote, which advocates for voting representation in Congress for the District. 

"We're here to let Representative Franks know that his business is improving the economy and helping people get jobs in Arizona," Jones said during the rally. "It's not legislating to affect the lives and the personal decisions of the women of the District of Columbia."

DC Vote also has been hitting Franks' office with phone calls and placing ads in various publications, including a free Sand Land weekly with which you might be familiar. 

Jones was joined by local members of other organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Arizona, the National Organization for Women and NARAL Pro-Choice America (formerly, the National Abortion Rights Action League), all of whom were hoppin' mad about Franks' authoritarian attack on the women of D.C.

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