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True or False: Arizona's Powerball Winner Sounds Like a Rich Dude?

In the coming days, Arizona Lottery will be releasing the name of the Fountain Hills dude who won half of the $587.5 million Powerball jackpot.

Lottery officials already gave some details on the guy, except his name, which the man wanted withheld. However, he doesn't get to stay anonymous forever.

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"The Arizona Lottery is required to release the winner's name, city of residence, game, and amount won upon request, so total anonymity is not possible," according to the lottery's website.

Still, the guy lottery officials described -- who decided to take the $192 million cash option, which is about $134 million after taxes -- sounded like he already had a buck or two before winning the lottery.

Here are some of phrases lottery officials used to describe this guy:

  • Lives in Fountain Hills
  • In his 30s and married
  • Just turned over the ticket to lottery officials, after assembling lawyers and financial advisers to make a plan
  • "He's a professional"
  • "Financially savvy"
  • "Smart"
  • He enjoys the work he does
  • He wants to use the money to do "something beneficial for the community"
  • Already gives money to non-profits and charities
  • Plans on setting up his own charity

True or false: This guy sounds like he was already rich?

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