TSA Groping: Gifts to be Wrapped Free at Sky Harbor -- All it Costs is Your Dignity

Sky Harbor International Airport will make getting molested by a TSA inspector worth your while: During the holiday travel week, the airport will provide free gift-wrapping for travelers -- right after they experience the unpleasantries of getting felt up by airport security.

Sky Harbor announced today that from December 20-23, the airport will wrap gifts for travelers after security checkpoints in Terminal Four from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The airport advises travelers to not bring wrapped gifts through security. In many cases, wrapped gifts need to be opened so TSA inspectors can see the toaster you bought your girlfriend, so this is a convenient service the airport is providing -- particularly for those (like us) who are too lazy to wrap their own gifts.

The airport also wants the public to be aware of some tips to make your holiday
travel as painless as possible. Check them out below.

  *Arrive two hours before your flight departs if you are parking or checking bags.

* If you have questions about security screening contact the Transportation Security Administration at:  866-289-9673, www.tsa.gov or TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov.  

* Most liquids and gels brought through the checkpoint must be in 3 oz containers or less, carried in a zip top bag, one bag per passenger and screened separately. Larger quantities of medically necessary liquids are allowed only at the discretion of TSA screeners. 

* Wear shoes that are easy to remove at the checkpoint.

* Remove large electronics from your carry-on bags and place them in their own TSA bin.

* Have your claim check or ID ready at baggage claim when you return to Phoenix so that if you are approached by staff, you won't be delayed looking for this information.

* Mark your bags clearly so you recognize them immediately.  

* Bring a snack or meal for the plane. Food may be carried through security and beverages may be purchased past security and brought onto the aircraft.

* Use the free cell phone lots to wait for arriving passengers and avoid circling the terminals.

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