Turning Up the Heat

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Soon after her calls to me, which are taped by the sheriff's office, Christiansen was removed from the hospital ward and sent back to the Estrella jail -- despite the open wound on her leg.

Her distraught mother, Dee, sends me daily e-mails with updates on her daughter's horrific struggle inside Arpaio's gulag.

"They moved her back to Estrella yesterday [July 20]. Gaping wound, and all. Visited her today. She is very depressed and angry. . . . She is on crutches, can hardly walk."

Dee is worried that her daughter may become suicidal or otherwise become another victim of Outlaw Joe's brutal regime.

Hey, Joe, listen up: If Leslie Christiansen loses her leg, or worse, you will be held accountable. Not that a sociopath like you really cares. But -- combined with the multitude of other problems you face this election year -- the voters sure will.

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John Dougherty
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