UPDATE: 94-Year-Old Alleged Child Molestor Apparently Has a Thing for Vacuum Cleaners, Too, Police Say

We didn't think a story about a 94-year-old man roaming around a trailer park allegedly feelin' up kids could get any more bizarre, but (guess what?) it just did.

We spoke to Payson police Chief Donald Engler yesterday who told us about 94-year-old Dale Warren Graham.

Graham was arrested last week for allegedly touching at least two children inappropriately after a call from a concerned citizen prompted a three-week investigation.

Engler says Graham never had sex with any of the children, but what he left out of our original conversation was what, exactly, prompted the investigation.

Which was... he was found in a neighbor's garage with a running vacuum cleaner hooked up to his groin.

Engler confirms to New Times this morning that the investigation was launched after a neighbor in Graham's trailer park found him in a garage with the cleaner sucking his crotch area outside his pants.

Engler says there's nothing to suggest Graham suffers from dementia and that this is the first time in Graham's 9 1/2 decades that he's been charged with a sex-related crime.

As we pointed out yesterday (much to the horror of some readers) Graham bares a striking resemblance to Herbert the Pervert from the TV show Family Guy. Check out a clip below.


Because of the number of children who live near Graham, Engler says there could be more victims and asks anyone with information contact Detective Michael Varga at (928) 474-5177, extension 271.

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