UPS Delivers Four Pounds of Weed From Maricopa County to Illinois; Needless to Say, People Were Arrested

Two Illinois residents were arrested after a UPS package, which originated in Maricopa County, was delivered to them and was found to contain about four pounds of marijuana.

In the words of the late, great Mitch Hedberg, "I love the Fed-Ex guy because he's a drug dealer, and he don't even know it."

The driver in this case was a UPS driver, though, and unfortunately for Lake County, Illinois residents Nikema C. Parker, 33, and Michael Womack, 26, the driver -- as well as the police -- knew he was moving weed.

Lake County Sheriff's Detective Keith Kaiser tells New Times that his department got a tip from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office saying that a UPS package that left Maricopa County, en route to Lake County, may contain illegal drugs.

The tip came from "confidential information" obtained by the MCSO from UPS, so we e-mailed the Sheriff's Office to get some more information. The sheriff's media-relations department seems to be a bit butt-hurt over our critique of the department's latest stab at reality TV and hasn't gotten back to us.

Hunter says after the tip came in, deputies in his department confiscated the package and had a K-9 unit inspect the outside of the box.

The dog indicated that drugs were inside, which, when opened by police, was determined to be a whole bunch of weed -- 4.2 pounds to be precise.

After discovering the ganja, police, dressed in UPS' famous brown uniforms, delivered the pot to the suspect's home, where once the package was accepted by Womack, officers swarmed in and executed a search warrant.

The search didn't turn up much more than some illegal fireworks, but when combined with the weed, it was enough to have the pair charged with possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, one count each of possession of cannabis, and, what Kaiser joked was the trump charge, one count of unlawful possession of fireworks.

Another question we had for the MCSO is where the weed came from. According to Kaiser, management at the UPS store at 530 E. McDowell Road in Phoenix, where the weed package originated, has been uncooperative with officers trying to determine who sent the package.

Video recordings of the store from the time of the shipping aren't available, so police aren't sure who shipped the M.J., although, when arrested, Womack had a plane ticket from Phoenix in his posession, suggesting he may have shipped it to himself.  

Both suspects have posted bail, but if convicted, face up to 10 years in an Illinois prison.

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