Wanna Complain About Graffiti and Pot Holes? If You Live in Avondale, There's an App for That

Complaining to the city about mundane crap like potholes and graffiti isn't just for geriatrics with rotary phones anymore.

The city of Avondale has unveiled a new smart phone application that allows residents to alert city officials to municipal eyesores like graffiti, weeds, and potholes.

It's very hip.

The new app, dubbed "MyAvondale," gives residents using phones equipped with the Android operating system the ability to quickly, and easily, report problems to the city.

The Android app mirrors a similar program for the iPhone, unveiled by the city in May.

The app, created by Graffit Protective Coatings, uses GPS mapping and camera technologies on smart phones to locate things like burned-out street lights, abandoned shopping carts, and other issues that old certain people often take time out of their days to complain about.

The app can be downloaded from the Droid and iPhone App Stores by searching for the keyword "MyAvondale."

If you want to complain the old-fashioned way you can submit your service requests on the city's Web site here. If you want to complain the real old-fashioned way, write a letter and strap it to a pigeon. 

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