Weed Bust Nets More Than 5,000 Pounds of Marijuana at Nogales Border Checkpoint

Border agents in Nogales scored more than two tons of weed during a routine search of a truck at a border checkpoint.

On Friday, a tractor-trailer rolled up to the checkpoint near Interstate-19 in Nogales.

After an initial inspection of the truck, agents decided to do an additional inspection.

During the secondary check, agents tell New Times, they "discovered an anomaly not consistent with the truck's cargo."

That "anomaly" was 5,061 pounds of weed.

After confiscating the pot, agents took the driver of the truck to the Nogales station for processing.

"These seizures are proof that our agents will continue to remain vigilant as we continue to foil smugglers' attempts to bring contraband into the United States," says Alan White, the Nogales Station's patrol agent in charge.

Thanks, Agent Buzzkill.

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