What Kind of Douchebag Would Join the Joe Arpaio "Shadow Army"?

In case you missed it earlier this week, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is getting his very own "shadow army."

A circulating e-mail from Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A. J. LaFaro explains that they're going "to muster and organize a 'shadow army' of 'shadow warriors' that are willing to volunteer their time to stand toe-to-toe at the majority of the locations here in Maricopa County where the paid progressive socialists are collecting petition signatures to recall Sheriff Joe."

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Yeah, nothing will make you vomit red, white, and blue like going "toe-to-toe" with folks gathering petition signatures.

"Some Arpaio supporters have taken it upon themselves to actively engage voters who are being asked to sign this recall petition," Arpaio campaign manager Chad Willems wrote in an e-mail to Stephen Lemons. "It is their right to do so and we are happy to assist them in their efforts."

Now, we have a simple question this morning: what kind of douchebag would join this Joe Arpaio "shadow army?"

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Matthew Hendley
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