Why President Clinton and Bob Dole Are So Important

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They played the music from Silverado as the president started to leave, and it did not fill everyone with feelings of terror like the Patriot Games music did. The crowd went crazy, and everyone jammed in to try to shake his hand. I was way in back, but I decided to try to jam in there, too. I got smashed and a lady yelled at me, but I kept going, getting closer to our president.

You might not believe this, but, like a dream or a movie, there I was, and President Bill Clinton was only a foot away. I stuck out my hand, and President Bill Clinton shook it! He didn't have a strong grip, but his hand didn't sweat, and up close his face looked even pinker but serious and nice, like he would say, "Howdy, pardner!"

He didn't say anything, though, so I yelled, "Hey, Bill, you're the king!" And our president looked at me and didn't smile, but I could tell that he knew I meant it.

It's not everybody who gets to see two men who are great leaders of our country in just two days, and one of them is actually president. Voting and many other things will become important soon that will make us see who the people of this country will want to be the new president.

Maybe Bob Dole will win, maybe Bill Clinton will win. Whoever wins, I think that all of us now have a better idea of what these leaders are like and what they are all about when they do American politics in the United States.

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