Will Anything Crazy Happen (Like a Portal Opening in Sedona) on December 21?

Since we're now a week away from December 21, now would be a good time to sort out everyone's plans.

As you've probably heard, there are people who believe that some sort of Mayan calendar runs out of days, so -- obviously -- the world's going to blow up or something, and we're all going to be dead one week from today.

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Everyone's got their own plans, though.

Most of us will show up to work, and go about our business.

Others, like a Sedona man by the name of Peter Gersten, have different plans. Specifically, Gersten plans on jumping off a very tall rock, hoping to land in a "cosmic portal" that will open below.

So, take a good look at the people you see today, and consider that one of them might seriously believe that roughly 7 billion people are going to be dead by this time next week. Unless you're at the top of this mountain in France -- then you're totally fine.

That said, let's take a poll: do you actually think something crazy is going to happen on December 21?

Cast your vote below:


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