Worse Week in Washington: Jeff Flake or Trent Franks?

Last week was not exactly the greatest week ever for a couple members of Arizona's congressional delegation.

There's Senator Jeff Flake, whose son Tanner "N1ggerKiller" Flake made tons of racist and homophobic remarks on the Internet, and then there's Representative Trent Franks, who made an ass of himself after remarking that the number of rapes that result in pregnancies is "very low."

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Franks initially claimed that his comments were "taken out of context," which wasn't really the case, but his spokesman later said that Franks "misspoke."

It kind of seems like the damage is done, regardless of whether Franks meant to say that the number of rapes that result in pregnancies is "very low," or meant to say that the number of rapes that result in pregnancies and are aborted after six months is low.

Some aren't so sure that Franks didn't mean what he said the first time, and has been publicly berated by a fellow Republican, who repeatedly called Franks a "moron."

Then there's Flake, who's been keeping a low profile since his son's social-media comments were displayed to the public.

In addition to the comments, and a video of the kid pretending to commit suicide, there are several black leaders here in the Valley who are pretty upset about the language used.

Given all that, who do you think had a worse week in Washington, D.C.?

Cast your vote below:

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