Worst Drug in Arizona: Meth, Bath Salts, or Krokodil?

A local poison-control center reported what appears to be the first reported cases of people using the drug "Krokodil" in the country.

The drug, which apparently gets its name from the appearance many of its users get, due to sores, is described as a "moonshine" version of heroin.

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VICE did a video report on the drug, including two Russian brothers who are absolutely, positively fried from using the stuff for a year.

Time magazine did a story a few years ago about use of the drug in Russia, where its popularity really took off, and how quickly its users die.

With the reported spread here, it certainly isn't the first case of Arizonans using strange drugs.

Documented cases of "bath salts" users here include a naked guy who threw himself against concrete walls, a man who destroyed his family's house, a man who believed an automobile raped his daughter, a man who thought "little Mexicans" were knocking on his eyeballs, a man who made out with a steering wheel, a man who fought imaginary bugs in a coffee shop, and more.

And it's almost impossible to live in Arizona and not know a tale of a meth-head doing something absolutely insane, like a meth-head putting a baby in a freezer. (See: 10 Meth-iest Crimes Committed by Arizona Meth-Heads)

In your opinion, what's the worst drug around here?

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