Watch: Harvey Weinstein Slapped and Berated at Paradise Valley Restaurant

A tipsy restaurant visitor slapped accused rapist and movie producer Harvey Weinstein at a Paradise Valley restaurant on Tuesday, calling him a "piece of shit."

Of course, the man told his friend to get the incident on video before he confronted the disgraced celebrity.

As first reported today by TMZ, "Steve" admitted that he was having dinner and had "quite a bit to drink" at the Elements restaurant at Sanctuary Resort on Tuesday evening when he failed to restrain himself.

He told his friend to "fire up his cellphone and shoot video" of his planned assault. Then, as the video shows, Steve, wearing a vest-jacket and short-sleeve shirt, began ranting at Weinstein, "You're a piece of shit!"

click to enlarge Weinstein appeared shocked after the man slapped him. - TMZ
Weinstein appeared shocked after the man slapped him.
Steve slapped Weinstein twice with the back of his hand, two slight tapping sounds audible. "Get the fuck out of here!" he yelled as Weinstein's bodyguard, or "sober coach" as TMZ put it, extended a hand to block the camera.

Weinstein has been coming to Arizona since a New York Times story exposed him as a serial sexual predator. It's believed both he and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey are receiving some kind of treatment at the Meadows facility in Wickenburg.

TMZ says in an article today that Steve approached the celebrity news site and said he had, at first, been refused a photo by Weinstein, who was belligerent. A restaurant manager denied Weinstein was anything but "sweet" to the man. TMZ reports that the manager also said Steve's hands never landed on Weinstein's face, but the video's audio seems to back up the idea of a skin-slap (maybe it was dubbed in later for entertaining effect).

Weinstein appears shocked by the encounter and stumbles a little as he backs away.

"The person who filmed the incident asked Weinstein if he wanted to call the police, but Weinstein declined and everyone left the restaurant," TMZ reported.

Police don't need Weinstein to approve a criminal investigation — especially one with video evidence.

But Steve isn't facing charges at this time.

Paradise Valley Lieutenant Michael Cole said he has no information at all on the incident at Elements, and no victim pressing charges. On top of that, the incident as described would be a "very low-grade misdemeanor," Cole said.

"We don't investigate these on our own without a cooperative victim," he said, adding that exceptions are made in domestic violence cases.

As for Weinstein — where does he eat out in metro Phoenix now that the public knows he'll tolerate some slapping around? Or should he just stick to DoorDash?